Ferrari 612 Scaglietti, Aluminum Body And Frame

Ferrari 612 Scaglietti is a super-fast supercar with all the power and roadholding you'd expect from Maranello. It is built around Ferrari's latest V-12 engine, which has a displacement of 5.75 litres. Enough to give 540 bhp, which can push the 2+2 along at over 195 mph. It sprints to 60 mph in about 4.2 seconds. So, this is a real performer in the Ferrari tradition a supercar verging on the fantasy car world. Truth to tell, this is not the most beautiful Ferrari ever. Impressive, yes, but some of the lines, particularly at the front, don't work too well. One of the things that the Pininfarina stylists couldn't get right was the headlamps. Maybe it's because you make headlamps so many different shapes these days that they give some stylists problems. On the Scaglietti they make the front end look a bit pinched. Another strange detail is the scalloped side panels, which Ferrari says reflects the lines of the 375 MM built for Rossellini as a gift for Ingrid Bergman. I

Great Fun To Drive MINI Cooper S

It could be a love-hate relationship with the MINI Cooper S hot hatch. You’ll love the responsive and gutsy engine, with masses of power from 4,000 upward. But you’ll groan when you decide to overtake with 2,500-3,000 rpm on the clock. You’ll love the handling, but you won’t like the ride it makes almost any sports car seem supple! Funky interior You get a great big and ugly speedo in the middle of the car the original looked a lot better and a rev-counter in front of you. The layout is OK, just the choice of design that we can live without. The minor switches are all chrome plated too. Still, these are minor grouses. The seating position is just fine, and the seat gives pretty good lateral support. It’s not so brilliant on a long journey, but on the whole does the job. With a large 1.6 litre engine in a small car you expect lively performance and you get it especially in the Cooper S, which has a supercharged 170 bhp engine. Supercharging usually gives you plenty of power at all speed

Audi S5 Four Wheel Drive V-8 Engine

A completely new model, the Audi S5 is the top of the 5 Series, which is filled out with the A5 models. All look very similar, and provide good performance in a neat package. Stiff competition for the BMW 3 series coupe, but can it compete with the BMW 650i, Jaguar XK or Mercedes-Benz CLK 63 AMG? Possibly. In any event, the Audi S5 is a sleek looking coupe, with a front end reminiscent of the R8, and a semi-fastback roof line, and just discernible swept lines up and over the front and rear wheels. It is a smart looking car, and one that will blend in well at the country club. Like almost all Audi designs, the S5 and A5 are smart, balanced designs with some neat features, but there is nothing shocking, nothing very exciting about the shape. But what about performance? Well, Audi has picked its V-8 to give enough power to see off many competitors, although this is not the most powerful version of this superb engine. For the S5 it is rated at 354 bhp at 7,000 rpm, with 325 lb ft (440 Nm)

Complete Specifications of Honda Mobilio

You want a car that is not only good looking, then it can accommodate a lot of goods and passengers, and last but not least aesthetically pleasing. If you are looking for a car with such conditions, then you should review the specifications of Honda Mobilio.  This car was first released in 2014 to meet the needs of urban people who often want a car that can accommodate their large family, and Honda successfully responded to that challenge because Mobilio still survives to this day. Comes with the tagline ‘Many Benefits Many Benefits’, Honda Mobilio is made with a sporty, dynamic, and elegant expo design. It created the design of the Mobilio allegedly out of the box compared to other low MPV cars. In fact, the arrival of Mobilio was able to boost Honda's trade in Indonesia. Engine Specifications and Dimensions Using a Honda i-VTEC SOHC 1.5L engine that is capable of producing a maximum power of 118 PS at engine rotation 6. 600. While the highest torque in its class is 14.8 Kgm respo

Daihatsu Luxio Quartett, Luxury Van Evolution

The Luxio variant is known as Daihatsu's minivan which targets the lower middle market segment. Then what if the Daihatsu Luxio was developed into a luxury mini van? The answer is in the Daihatsu Luxio Quartett. Daihatsu exhibited the Luxio Quartett at the booth of the Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS) 2012. Quartett clearly attracted a lot of interest from visitors after being considered a new model from Luxio. Unfortunately, the Quartett is still a prototype that was deliberately developed by the Astra Daihatsu Motor (ADM) design team, to test market interest. This is not a modified Daihatsu Luxio, but designed from the ground up to be the new, more luxurious Daihatsu Luxio. All details are considered, both in terms of exterior design, interior and car color. Everyone thought carefully until they became this Luxio Quartett. This Daihatsu Luxio Quartett is not a segment of a luxury van like the understated Alphard, but it is a city car that has grown up. Because the Daihat