Ford F-150 SFE

Ford F-Series is an America’s best-selling pickup and raising the bar once again this time with unsurpassed fuel efficiency on the new Ford F-150. Matt O’Leary, Ford F-150 chief engineer says that Ford has committed to have the best or equal to the best fuel economy with every new product we introduce, and we are delivering with the new F-150.

The SFE package will be a no-cost option on XLT SuperCrew pickups with the chrome package when ordered on XL SuperCrew pickups with the decor package. The new Ford F-150 SFE package will be available on F-150 SuperCrew XL and XLT 4X2 vehicles with 4.6-liter, 3-valve V-8 engines and 5.5-foot beds. The Ford F-150 SFE pickup will achieve 15 mpg in the city and 21 mpg on the highway and with 292 horsepower and 320 pound-feet of torque.

The package on Ford F-150 SFE include:

A new shape to the rear of the cab, which incorporated the center-high-mount stop lamp. This shape helps direct aerodynamic wake over the pickup box efficiently.

The top of the tailgate, which angles outward to create a bold lip. This wider surface at the top of the tailgate works with the cab to direct airflow over the box efficiently.

The front bumper valence and spoiler design, which has been improved to better manage airflow underneath the truck without compromising off-road.

Both the 5.4-liter and 4.6-liter 3-valve V8 engines utilize open valve injection. This unique feature improves the air/fuel charge conditions in the combustion chamber, allowing greater spark advance at higher loads and engine speeds. This delivers increased horsepower during towing and higher rpm operations, lower emissions and more efficient use of fuel.

The new six-speed automatic transmission offers a wider gear ratio span than four-speed transmissions, allowing engineers the flexibility to have responsiveness in low gears and better fuel economy in the taller gears. The new double-overdrive gearbox is designed to contribute a 4 to 6 percent fuel economy improvement.


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